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Full TCP membership is open to anyone over 16 years of age.

We also have an associate membership category for people under the age of 16. Associated members are entitled to attend meetings and vote at all meetings other than General and Extraordinary meetings of the Society. Associate members will automatically become full members on reaching their 16th birthday.

Please click on the membership form below to begin download:

Membership Form

Our Objectives are to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment, and maintain and improve biodiversity;
  • Research, promote, advise on and instigate community energy schemes;
  • Raise awareness of the issues associated with climate change, scarcity of resources, and economic sustainability;
  • Increase community resilience to the impacts of climate change;
  • Collate information, knowledge, and expertise to advocate and influence policies and plans that relate to climate change; and
  • Actively work with other stakeholders to harness the energies of the local community to achieve the above.

Our Members’ Charter:

  • As a member of Tollesbury Climate Partnership (TCP), I will:
  • Accept other members without discriminating against anyone on the basis of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, race, politics or religion;
  • Commit to working for the collective good of TCP and as a result will enjoy the collective benefits of being part of TCP;
  • Use my skills and capacities productively to further the approved objectives of TCP and work to make things happen;
  • Treat other members respectfully and as equals, and be honest, open and accountable to others;
  • Recognise that some people may need extra support to become involved, and that their involvement is valuable;
  • Communicate openly, honestly and with respect;
  • Listen to other members with respect and understanding;
  • Encourage others to join in with the work of TCP;
  • Have fun!