TCP map of ideas for Tollesbury

about our community

A group of residents set up Tollesbury Climate Partnership during 2021. Our aim is to reduce the impact of climate change and help protect the village that we love for future generations.

Tollesbury’s coastline is particularly vulnerable to sea level rise, needing strong flood protection to mitigate its impacts. We’re working to build a resilient community where we grow our own food, produce our own energy, encourage sustainable transport and protect our natural environment.

Tollesbury FACT lightship at high tide
Taking a break from litter picking, Tollesbury sea wall

Community Benefit Society

The organisation was established as a Community Benefit Society (CBS) in September 2021 and is run by its members to serve the broader interests of the community. The rules of our society can be found at the bottom of this page. We are members of Cooperative UK, Community Energy England and Community Energy South.

Support and help

We are grateful for the encouragement and seed funding from Tollesbury Parish Council and Maldon District Council that helped get TCP off the ground. Valuable mentorship was provided by Community Energy South through a partnership programme funded by Essex County Council.

We currently have over 250 members and six working groups.

Child making compost at Tollesbury Apple Day
Family taking a break at the Wildest Food event, Tollesbury

Where we live

Tollesbury, the village of the plough and sail, is situated on the edge of the Blackwater Estuary in Essex with a long and fascinating history of fishing, sailing and farming. On our doorstep is a beautiful Site of Special Scientific Interest; Tollesbury Wick Reserve managed by Essex Wildlife Trust and also the Old Hall Marshes RSPB reserve, where thousands of migrating birds arrive for the winter. We have a lively waterfront with crabbing, sailing and other water sports, and a popular Salt Pool for families to enjoy.

The village has a strong community, with a primary school, many village groups, two churches and an active Parish Council. There are numerous local shops and even a gallery, Whimbrel Art promoting work by local artists. There is a thriving industrial estate on the waterfront, as well as a marina, mud berths, cafes and sailing clubs