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Hedingham Bus in Tollesbury Square

Members of TCP’s Transport and Travel Group had a positive meeting with Gavin Smith, the MD of Hedingham & Chambers buses, to represent some of the villages’ concerns about the failings of the bus service in Tollesbury. He is fully aware of the issues with the current services and is committed to making things better.

For example, reliability and timings suffered badly late last autumn when a wave of illness and other staff shortages arose. Since then Hedingham have recruited and improved pay rates which should arrest the drain to other bus operators in the district.

The new owners of Hedingham are keen to invest in new buses. Whilst these may not come directly to Tollesbury, they will allow the oldest buses in their fleet to be retired, so we should start to see younger buses arriving on our routes.

Hedingham can do nothing about the frequency or timings of buses in the village as the service timetables are determined by ECC. Contracts (often for relatively short time periods) are put out to tender.

Once we have done some research, shared our views with you, and formed a plan, we will approach ECC. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, download the Hedingham and Chambers app and track your bus.


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